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Backgropund Music = "Telstar" - The Tornados ( A British Band ) ( - Circa late 1962- )
ON July 10th 1962 "Telstar" was the first active communications satellite ever launched


This page NOT ONLY offers
instructions on how to
See your house from space
But you can find out how to see the
Space Station / as it passes over
your city, town, area.

This page has a lot of info including my videos of shuttle launches taken
from my back yard on Cape Coral FL 180 miles
from the launch site
I also have vids of the Shuttle and Space Station as they pass over my home


If any of the videos are NOT playing
Please email me from one of the contact links and tell me which one


Of course the shuttle has been retired.

See The launch videos
From the Discovery, Enterprise, Columbia and Atlantis


Click Here For my Videos of the lauched
And find out how to see the Space Station as it passes over your House


There are over 32 billion pages on the net
there IS A REASON why you found this One
I think it is fate
If you do not read this page you WILL MISS something
that could have changed your life or at least MADE IT BETTER

Please -- if you start to loose interest remember
You must bookmark this page
and come back here
until you find the reason
It may not be to see your house from space
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The reason you found this page
IS ON THIS PAGE ~~ I assure you

Once you see the info on this page is useful
and you were able to find your house from space and
You learned how to see the Space Station AND other satellites as they passes over your house
you may want to check out some of the
suggested links
They are ALL on the level and checked out by various internet watchdog organizations



Before we get to more info on Seeing your house from space
and how to see the Space Station as It passes over your house
and videos of the Space Shuttle Launches etcetera
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and it is also used to view your house from space
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Before we get to the See your House from space or how to see the Space Station AND OTHER MAN MADE SPACE OBJECTS as they pass over your house


Before we get to the info on Seeing your house from space
videos of the Space Shuttle Launches etcetera
Please take a moment at these sites




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Thank you for making this page the nets #1
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Book mark it and come back as you have time
There are just too may great links and videos
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You have my permission to send this URL to any Media Outlets, Web Forums, TV Shows
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Now --- The April 5th 2010 Launch of the Shuttle Discovery as seen from my backyard
on Cape Coral
180 miles from the Launch site and Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral Florida


There are other videos on this page too !!!

View my Videos of the Space Station Flying over of Cape Coral Florida, Dec 24th 2007 and DEC 24TH 2010
We did NOT think it was Santa !!!!!!!
And learn how to see the space station fly over your home

On this page you will see Space Shuttle launches
from Cape Coral Florida which is located
180 miles south west of Cape Canaveral

I will post the latest launches if the weather cooperates

I have been lucky enough to view about 7 of these launches
But some days there too many clouds
Videos of the ones I do capture can be seen on this page

I Have posted the last launch of the ill Fated Columbia Below
So again book mark this page and
check back a few hours after each launch to see if I caught it


If you find this page at all helpful
It behooves you to
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I am a disabled inventor, just trying to help others as you will MAY read


Contact Webmaster =

Email me
the Blue and Gold Macaw 'Gilligan'
With your comments

This page has many different resources linked from it

How to see your house from space

How to see the
Space Station
as it passes over your house
Some great private videos of Shuttle Launches
and Space Station Flyovers
( first is a video of a sonic boom as the Shuttle Landed for the last time )


Also DON'T miss the video of my
1962 Bomb Shelter
Built Into my Home On Cape Coral, FL.
AND THE HOUSE is for sale
To anyone who makes a reasonable offer


That and Much More is all found on this Page !!!!!!!

Still to come on this page
How to see your house from space
How to see the Space Station as it flies over
Your area


This next video shows you how to see the space station or ANY satellites that may be passing over your city town And house
It includes footage of an actual flyover of Cape Coral FL Dec 24th 2010

My NEXT Video is the March 15 2009 Launch of the Sapce Shuttle Discovery
As Seen from Cape Coral FL which is 180 miles from the launch site
This one was seen on Headline News and CNN shows


Now, You are sitting at a computer
45 years ago computers were in their infancy
We had not yet landed on the moon
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View this montage created at One True Media
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Friends Killed in Viet Nam 45 years Ago


of My ( You Tube ID = imjustme ) Vids of some of the space shuttle launches
seen from my Back Yard
I live on Cape Coral FL - 180 miles from the launch site - some are spectacular

other space related videos can be seen in MY Videos On You Tube too
I have over 200 vids
with more than 1,600,000 views so some must be interesting


Don't go away !!!!!

You have yet to see the best
Videos of space shuttle launches as seen from my backyard
- over 180 miles away

As well as a link to a page on
How to see your house from space
and view the Space Station as it is passing over your area
All of this an more is found from one of the links somewhere on this page


Before we get to the Information On how to find your house from space
I offer the instructions on How to see
the space station and shuttle as it passes over your area



Click HERE
for the actual site I use
to see when the
Space Station

will pass over your house
It's really a simple site to navigate
And gives you ALL
the info you need to view the Space Station
as it flies over your Home





Watch the following Vid
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NOW To See your House From Space
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To get to what I have found to be the Best
interactive site which EVEN the most novice of web surfers
can navigate around easily
this site seems to offer closer zooms
than any site I have found
even better than
Type in JUST your zip code or street address in the "Business / Location Search Box"
- then look for your house from space
and zoom in to see amazing details =
Your car parked in your front yard
Your garbage cans on the curb !!!!
ANY WHERE in the world
~ or see the amazing Cape Coral, Florida from space
Our zip is 33904
You will not believe all the canals you will see more than any city in the world

Use the ( - + ) zoom feature to the left of the pictures and your mouse to move the view


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Go Here To Meet Gilligan

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Video of The Space Shuttle
Feb 7TH 2001 - March 8th 2001 and 16th Jan 2003 launches - from MY BACK YARD Cape Coral

----- ----- -----
Click on the individual pic to see a close-up view
The videos are on this page too
Above are pics from Feb 7th's and March 8th 2001
and the ill-fated Jan 16th launch of the Columbia Space Shuttle
as seen from my Back Yard on Palm Tree Blvd. in Cape Coral, FL
The Space Center is 180 miles away across and up state BUT
we see/saw them clearly

Next a video of Space Shuttle launches
taken from our backyard -- 180 miles from the launch site
The last launch of the Columbia
is seen in this next video
God Bless their souls

Now the Video of the latest launch Oct 23rd 2007



The following video is of the Space station and shuttle flying over Cape Coral FL while they were connected


View this montage created at One True Media
Shuttle Discovery Launch Oct 23rd 2007
From 180 Miles Away


The next video is a bit disappointing as there was some cloud cover blocking a clear view
View this montage created at One True Media
Video Shuttle Atlantis Feb 7th 180 miles





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Its Christmas Time so
Vist the Cape Coral Christmas Boat Light Parade Page
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Next is my video of one of the parades

Please take a moment to watch the folloing Video
It is dedicated to 4 friends I lost In Viet Nam
They all died before Man ever stepped on the Moon
Visit the link displayed in the video
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Cape Coral also has on of ONLY Four Full size replicas of the Flag Raising on Iwo Jima which took place Feb 23rd 1945


Here is a video of Gilligan
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Next a Video of a Mobile Home for sale
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Here is A VIDEO OF JUST one month of the years worth of continuos nights sunsets pictures
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For a Key West Like Event --
The Cape Coral Monthly Sunset Celebration at the yacht club info is found





is an interactive Road Map of Cape Coral


The Junkee Monkee

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Ground track if shuttle lands on Orbit 202
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See YOUR house from space how can I see my home house from space Cape Coral FL From Space Find my house from the space shuttle.

Hurricane charlie hurricane frances charley 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009.
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